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    Congrats On The Royal Wedding But Priyanka Chopra Is Where My Heart Was At

    HRH Piggy Chops is here to rule.

    You may have heard of this smalltime Bollywood actress nbd Priyanka Chopra who is also friends with the now Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

    But, holy wow. Look at her fitting right in with royalty in her lilac Vivienne Westwood outfit.

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    Me to PC: Tenu suit suit karda 🎶

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    Also +1000 on that fascinating fascinator.

    And you know, our girl is a sucker for details. So she gave you some.

    Congrats on the crown, Priyanka. It has been yours to begin with. Now, sissy that walk.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images

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