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Twitter Is Laugh-Crying At The Latest Twist In The Tamil Nadu Political Drama

Earlier today, Sasikala "kidnapped" MLAs in a bus and hid them in a resort to woo them in her favour.

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ICYMI, Tamil Nadu is preetttty much in a state of chaos rn.

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TL;DR — Late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's aide Sasikala Natarajan is fighting to take over as the state's next CM. However, she is up against a slighted O. Panneerselvam, who claims he was forced to resign to make way for her.

Arun Sankar / AFP / Getty Images
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It now comes down to the support of AIADMK MLAs to decide who will eventually take over. Out of the 135 MLAs, it is claimed that Sasikala has the support of around 128. The governor of Tamil Nadu has been called to intervene.


In her latest move to whip MLAs in her favour, Sasikala has apparently taken them in a bus to a resort on the outskirts of Chennai and taken away their phones.

Of course, South Indian Twitter has now decided that the best way to deal with the situation is to, well, laugh. Here are some of the funniest tweets:


We need photos of our MLAs so that in case we see them running from hideout to #OPS house we can give them a lift.


What MLAs are going in a bus and their cell phones are taken away aa? MLAs or engineering college students?


All #ADMK MLAs asking Sasikala - Odaney kidnap-aa?! #BusJourney #Resort Captive




Won’t be surprised if Sasikala goes to airport to receive Governor with her bus full of MLAs. “Vaanga pazhagalam!”

Translation: "Come, get along."


Sasi to OPS accusing him of smiling at Stalin.


A Pokémon Go type app to find and collect MLAs. Then if you send them into battle and win means you are CM.


Paneer : "I'll show all the memes to the Governor when he's back"


Q: If someone throws a bomb on the bus which is carrying all the ADMK MLAs, who will be saved? A: Tamil Nadu


If something similar happened in North India, 5 CM candidates would have appeared with all MLAs quarantined in 5 Star hotels.

What's next in this already twisted political drama? We're all waiting to find out.


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