This Woman's Groom Got Late For The Wedding, So She Decided To Dance To "Cheap Thrills" Instead

    Best kind of cheap thrill, tbh.

    These are Delhi-based newlyweds, Amisha Bhardwaj and Pranav Verma.

    On the day of her wedding, Amisha realised that her groom-to-be was going to be late for the ceremony.

    Furious and still only halfway through getting ready, her photographer suggested she just relax with her girlfriends and unwind to the tune of Sia's popular hit from last year, "Cheap Thrills".

    Aaand she did.

    Look at her enjoying her big day in all her finery with zero inhibitions.

    The video of her getting ready to the hit song was uploaded to YouTube and became the third top trending video in India.

    "The whole concept was to show how a bride nowadays is involved in all decisions of her life, and how the most important day of her life is spent and to show that her gang of friends will be as important after wedding as they are now," Surpreet Kaur, the photographer, told BuzzFeed.

    Watch the whole video here:

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