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Teens And Twentysomething Indians Are Suddenly Flocking To Temples Thanks To Pokémon Go


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In case you somehow missed it, a phone game called Pokémon Go has taken over the damn world. While it isn't yet technically available in India, thousands of Indians have niftily downloaded it anyway.

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The game involves finding Pokémon on a real map of your city, and catching them by "throwing Pokéballs" at them on your phone. And to collect Pokéballs, users have to visit designated "Pokéstops" on their maps.

Siddhivinayak, before it became Mumbai's most famous Pokemon gym, was a temple dedicated to the Hindu elephant-headed god, Ganesha, who a...

No, really.

Pokémon Go will take you to more temples than your parents did.


But its effects are hilarious: a whole generation of young Indians visiting mandirs...

My friend&i wanted to try PokemonGo in India but y are they always in the temple ????


Pokémon Go secretly trying to make me visit a temple.

Playing Pokemon Go in Delhi... Why is every pokestop a mandir


And possibly for the first time.

Me : Mandir jaa raha hu Mom : *tears of joy* Me : Pokemon pakadne

Pokemon go is making us do all the things our moms wanted us to do. Go out and jog and go to the temple.

Nintendo prooooobably didn't mean to become this unlikely source of sanskaar and piety...

#pokemongo gym that's one way youngsters will get religion 😉 Pokemon gyms in Chennai are all temples🕉

But it's definitely too late now.

My aunt busy telling me how Pokemon is the devil thing BUT MEANWHILE IT HAVE A POKESTOP IN THE MANDIR 💀💀💀