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    Here's What 12 Super Cool Airbnbs Across India Will Cost

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    1. The Ivy House, Kolkata.

    2. The Ayrie, near Pune.

    3. This hip AF studio, Bengaluru.

    4. The Tamarind Tree Villa, Bengaluru.

    • ₹25,022 per night.

    • Accommodates eight.

    • Villa with four rooms.

    • Multiple bed setup including queen size, king size, singles, and doubles.

    • Pet-friendly.

    5. The Artist's Studio, Jaipur.

    6. This Kerala-style house, Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu.

    7. The Rajbari Bawali, Raipur, West Bengal.

    8. Lake View Room, New Delhi.

    • ₹3,991 per night.

    • Garden terrace.

    • Pet-friendly.

    • Smoking allowed in the open spaces.

    9. Mawi Infinitty Villa, near Lonavla.

    10. Heritage Apt, New Delhi.

    • ₹4,755 per night.

    • Smoking is allowed on the balcony.

    • Amazing view of lake and ancient tombs.

    11. The Elgin, Darjeeling.

    12. Norling Resort and Spa, Gangtok.