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22 Photos That Teenagers Today Won't Get At All

They have no idea what they missed out on.

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1. Fighting over your favourite flavour for these discs of joy.

2. Replacing your Coke cravings with this.

3. Being totally okay with using these digestives as a treat.

4. Being momentarily betrothed to your best friend by using these as rings... well, at least before you ate them.

5. Running to grab these on a hot day after school.

6. Saying "I love you" for the first time and meaning it when Rasna was on the table.

7. Gulping these down when they were the go-to summer refreshments.

8. Having a bubble blowing contest with your friends with these.

9. Sucking this dry, right down to the last drop of chocolate.

10. Pretending you were a grown-ass adult by holding these like actual cigarettes.

11. Checking each other's tongues to see if they turned blue after having this.

12. Buying these just so that you could give yourself a tattoo.

13. Avoiding this monstrosity as much as possible.

14. Eating the filling before you could get to the biscuit.

15. Stuffing your face with this when you ran out of snacks.

16. Diving into these whenever someone brought these home wrapped in a newspaper.

17. Grabbing them every chance you got because they were so rare to find.

18. Realising you cannot stop eating these now that you've already started.

19. Licking the masala off these before eating the chip itself.

20. Allowing yourself to indulge in sports just to get a taste of this.

21. Having these without the milk because that was a better snack anyway.

22. And guarding this precious, coagulated lunch from your friend's prying hands.