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This Trans Artist Wrote A Book About Breaking Gender Stereotypes By Wearing A Bindi

"What does it mean to live in a culture where even a coloured dot is gendered and makes others uncomfortable when worn by the 'wrong' gender?"

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She recently wrote a book named The Boy & The Bindi about a young boy battling with his identity, which is in question when he takes a liking to wearing bindis.

Rajni Perera

The young boy watches his mother wearing bindis and soon starts wearing them himself. When he is questioned by his peers for wearing the bindi, the power of the bindi itself gives him the answer, and gives him the confidence to be himself.

"Writing The Boy & the Bindi felt like a necessary investment in writing an intersectional children's picture book — one that features a dark-skinned brown boy who finds beauty and solace in his culture and gender," she continued.