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    Hundreds Loved Biswa's Post About The Stereotypes About Artists Using Drugs

    "Every time I post a slightly non-mainstream thought on social media, I can be sure to get the response 'What are you smoking bro?' within a few seconds."

    Yesterday, Mumbai-based comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath posted a status about the various stereotypes that surround those who pursue art.

    Biswa Kalyan Rath

    He wrote about how the perception about all artists being drug addicts comes from a bias that suggests that they are tortured in some sense.

    Biswa Kalyan Rath

    He asserted later that artists work just as hard as people with any other kinds of jobs.

    Biswa Kalyan Rath

    He added:

    After all that work, when you ask an artist if he came up with something because of the weed he smoked, what you are trying to say is, 'Hey I can come up with that if I smoke some weed'.

    No, you most certainly can't. You lack the skill and expertise. Just like you can't play like Sachin by smoking weed, you can't write like Carlin by dropping acid. A comedian can't write code by dropping acid, a coder can't write comedy by smoking weed.

    So the next time you see an artist trying something you don't understand, just call it bad, horrible, fuckall. That's an acceptable and honorable feedback.

    Make your judgment open to judgment. Don't hide behind a stupid and baseless comment about drugs. The world could really use one less stereotype and hundreds of potential artists.

    Even when some commenters tried refuting his argument, he had a perfectly sane explanation.

    And now we know what will happen when someone asks him, "What are you smoking bro?"

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