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These Delhi Girls Went Viral On Facebook While Trying To Find Their Lost Dog

Faith in the internet restored.

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Soon enough, the family started circulating these posters of Thumki all over Facebook and their neighbourhood to search for her.

Myra Khanna / Via Facebook: mkhanna02

"Through the last month, we have run around Delhi, back to the same place that we lost her, to shelters and anywhere she could have possibly been," Rachana told BuzzFeed.

After all their efforts, it was this post by Myra that went viral.

Facebook: mkhanna02

Turns out, Thumki had quite the adventure over the month away from home.

Dinesh Khanna / Via

Since she was lost in a jungle on the other side of a fence that surrounded the building, their father decided to go find her while Mahi kept calling out to her from the other end. When she was found in the jungle, they saw that she had dug a pit for herself and looked a lot weaker.