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    Amitabh Bachchan Dragged Mumbai Mirror The Fuck Out For Saying That He Refused A Fan Selfie

    "BECAUSE I WANT TO >>> !!!"

    Earlier today, Mumbai Mirror posted this story about Amitabh Bachchan refusing a fan a selfie.

    As Bachchan later clarified in a tweet, the "fan" was his stunt co-ordinator's daughter, who had helped with the making of an ad.

    Bachchan later slammed the report with a tweet clarifying that he DID take the selfie.

    T 2358 - @MumbaiMirror avoided selfie with fan? ..WRONG ! proof I did not .. i wanted to get out of my shoot costume

    He had asked the woman in question to wait till he changed out of his shoot clothes to take the selfie.

    He wasn't saving the snark for another day.

    T 2358 -@MumbaiMirror you referring to the 'stray' in picture ? Then could i have a recording of 'stray's' request

    He even added special voice effects.

    T 2358 -@MumbaiMirror .. !!!! BBBAAAAAADDUUUMMMMMBAAAAAA !!

    Never forget: August 24, 2016 — the day BBBAAAAAADDUUUMMMMMBAAAAAA !! becomes my response to each and every curveball life throws at me.

    When asked if he was taking things too far, he didn't bother either:

    Side note: In the middle of all this drama, he took the time to thank a cooking website for tips on making omelettes.

    No fucks given.

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