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After Surviving An Acid Attack, This Woman Offers Free Treatment To Other Victims

Nothing can stop her.

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In 2006, Bengaluru resident Pragya Singh survived an acid attack by a distant relative. She was newlywed at the time.

"When I came back from the hospital after three months, I didn't want to see the mirror. I told my brother to put a towel on the mirror. I avoided the mirror for four months. I was so scared," Singh wrote in a blog post.

One of the main aims of the organisation is to provide free scar treatment for any acid attack victims that come to them.

Atijeevan Foundation

They have tied up with 15 hospitals across metros and other cities to be able to help with both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

"Besides reducing the burden of scar treatment on the patients, we also help inform them about the kind of procedure that would be most suitable for individual cases," Singh told BuzzFeed.

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