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After Being Trolled By Akshay Kumar Fans, Mallika Dua Shut Shit Down On Sexist Jokes

"The people who shame us for the characters we play are the same people who make it okay for a Bhupendra Chaubey to speak to Sunny Leone the way he did. Shame on you. Fortunately, you can’t stop us."

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A few weeks back on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, which is hosted by Akshay Kumar, passed this comment on Mallika Dua, who was ringing a bell to honour a contestant's good performance.

Facebook: arvind.datta.98

She was earlier a mentor on the show with comedians Zakir Khan and Hussain Dalal. This was before the channel recently let go of the three mentors and replaced them with Sajid Khan and Shreyas Talpade.


Mallika tweeted this morning that the Facebook post got possibly deleted because of copyright issues.

Sorry to quash your hunger for sensationalism but Facebook and perhaps a copyright claim had it removed. Find somet…

Later, Dua also admitted that she deleted her own tweet due to trolling she faced because of it.

Because I don’t enjoy abuse and cyber bullying.