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A Complete Stranger Is Helping This Blind Man Buy A Braille Printer And Take The IAS Exam

Your daily reminder that not ALL people suck.

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... And Jaya Naga Mohan Manda, a stranger from Hyderabad, read it.

Jaya Naga Mohan Manda

Immediately, Manda did further research on Loute and discovered that the latter aspired to be an IAS officer but required a braille printer in order to study for the exams. The braille printer would cost ₹2 lakh and is available in the U.S.

"Siddu comes from a family with limited means and I realised that for him to be able to afford IAS coaching and the notes that come along with it, a braille printer would help him," Manda told BuzzFeed.

Jaya Naga Mohan Manda decided to find a way to help Loute out.

Manda started collecting funds from friends and family offline and collected around ₹60,000 for the purpose, which he handed over to Loute personally.

Jaya Naga Mohan Manda

“I have always been of the opinion that the visually impaired can be empowered far more than they are right now. I have always wanted to be an IAS officer and am preparing for the exams,” Loute told BuzzFeed.

Earlier this year, Manda also started a fundraiser to raise money for a braille printer for Loute.

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He explained, "I was very impressed with how determined Siddu was to become an IAS officer. He has no doubt in his mind that he will achieve that goal and whenever he gets the chance to, I will be very happy."

He has collected ₹6,000 towards the final amount of ₹150,000 that they need. You can help them out here.