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25 Pictures Only Adults Who Live With Their Parents Will Understand

Seriously mom, I was not texting a boy.

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1. This unnecessary interrogation.

2. This uncalled-for lecture.

3. This sneaky behaviour.

4. This act of balance.

5. This genuine fear.

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6. This awkward moment.

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7. This repetitive question.

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8. This declaration.

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9. This long wait.

10. This useless advice.

11. This forced socialisation.

12. This perpetual shame.

13. This ridiculous diagnosis.

14. This painful sass.

15. This miscommunication.

16. This casual avoidance of topics.

17. This minor hypocrisy.

18. This guilt trip.

19. This thrifty behaviour.

20. This endless conversation.

21. This embarrassment.

22. This change in stances.

23. This need for small talk.

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24. This insulting introduction.

25. And this imminent blast.