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    15 Stories Of Friends Who Had Their Bestie's Backs When They Needed It Most

    That's what friends are for.

    We asked our readers about the times that their friends had their backs and supported them. Here are some of our favourite stories:

    1. When this woman celebrated her friends for always being there, for better or for worse.

    Shashvati Siva

    "I went through a divorce last year and could not have gone through even one day without my bestest girlfriends supporting me through it. And I threw a divorce party for them last month and it was literally the best ever. Before I got married, my precious gang of girls threw such kickass bachelorette parties, and always stood by me through thick and thin. To all my crazy wonderful fabulous women who made time and came for this special evening all the way from all over the world to all the way in Navi Mumbai, thank you and I love you all too much." — Shashvati

    2. When this friend stood up against homophobia while risking their own job.

    "My best friend stood up for me when our manager was badmouthing bisexual people, and got SO ANGRY in a way that I have never seen before or since. With complete disregard for her own job, she started going in about saying, "Do you even KNOW who you're eating dinner with? How dare you talk that way?!" She also kept shutting him down every time he wanted to ask a question that was HIGHLY inappropriate from even a friend, much less a manager. This is one of our favourite stories to tell people, because it's also a funny way to let people know that a) I'm bi, and b) mistreating people is NOT an option in this family." — mrsawesome0717

    3. When the group chat is the safest space a girl's got.

    Zoya Hasan

    "I am part of a girlfriends group chat where we send multiple voice notes ranting about really shitty days. Everyone chimes in with memes, cat/baby videos and cheesy GIFs. Sometimes it’s just ugly crying voice notes. But there’s never any judgement. No difficulty is branded 'trivial'. It’s sometimes the safest space and I feel super blessed." — Zoya Hasan

    4. When this friend helped her bestie live her best romantic life.

    "My female friend is my 'get-out-of-jail' card. This one time I'd come home from hostel and I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend at the time. So I asked her to help me out. She was still at her own hostel but put up a status on WhatsApp saying she was home for the weekend, which my mom saw. I used that as an excuse to go meet my boyfriend." — Anonymous

    5. When best friends help dodge trouble.

    "I once went to my boyfriend's society where the security was too high. They asked for an ID and I'd forgotten to carry some valid one at that time. So, at 2 p.m., I called my BFF and asked her to send me her Aadhaar card, the copy of which I used as the identity card for the gate check-in and got in. This whole process took two hours in the afternoon because the xerox stores were shut but she did that for me." — Anonymous

    6. When this girl had her bestie's back against bullies.


    "There was an incident in my school and I was bullied every single day. I was being called with different kind of names like gay, chhaka, kala, and also I was being abused. I was just depressed all those days and I didn't know whom to talk to about it. I felt I had no one who understands me and accepts me. But I was luckily wrong with my friend Farheen. She just understood I was sad and unhappy just by the way I talked and I'm so blessed to have her in my life." — Dhananjay

    7. When distance couldn't change friendship rituals.


    "I changed school after six years of amazing friendship. I couldn't see a familiar face [at the new school] and I felt like crying. A few weeks later, it was Friendship Day and I was so sad I didn't even feel like calling anyone at midnight even though that's our ritual. Anyway, so in the morning I was helping my mom with the laundry and then the telephone rang. I picked it up. It was one of the three BFFs. I was so happy to talk to her, I told myself how foolish I had been not to do our ritual. And then our doorbell rang so I asked her to hold for a second and I ran to open the door. It was them. The three of them had come over to give me a surprise. I was so happy to see them! I almost cried. We then went shopping, had biryani for lunch and then went for a long drive. We just didn't want the day to end." — Smrooti

    8. When this BFF took the fall for her friend without question.


    "I have been friends with my best friend for over a decade now. I remember once in school, I was dating this guy but was obviously too shy to talk to him in front of everyone. So she would carry my messages to him and the teachers thought something was going on between him and my best friend. She was given warnings, was scolded at by most of my teachers, and she took every bit of it. She's been through every heartbreak, tolerated every mood swing of mine, and understands me like no one else does." — Shaneela

    9. When these besties held their friend's hand through hell and back.

    "I had tried to commit suicide when I was in the 10th grade due to issues with depression, falling grades, family, and 'boyfriend' problems. When I was admitted in the hospital, they weren't allowed to come in and meet me but they literally broke in and got me my favourite flowers, chocolates, and books. When I came back home, they came in to check on me everyday. They got me homework, letters from classmates, and many other things which made me feel valid. Also, they wrote a letter to my ex containing the most amazing gaalis and put it in his mailbox. He still doesn't knows who did it. It's been six years and they are the only two people I can blindly trust and count on." — Anonymous

    10. When rumours couldn't break this strong bond.

    "It was a simple day in school when some jerk spread a rumour in class about my friend and a teacher, saying I was the source of information. She didn't question me and I thought that I had lost her trust. I went to the teacher. I cried for the first time in front of someone else other than my parents. He called my friend and then she laughed at me. My friend made me understand that she wasn't upset because she knew that it was all just a baseless lie." — Yashika

    11. When your girls got you even on bad days and your most drunken self.

    Sherin Joy

    "Once, I had a huge argument with a guy about some chauvinist shit he said. I was so sad and disappointed that I got very drunk. I went to my girlfriend's house and i puked all over the washroom and on my dress. These two superwomen literally cleaned up the puke and gave me a shower as if I were a baby. I am really proud of them." — Sherin Joy

    12. When friends understood the value of mental health.

    "Years ago, I was having a really hard time getting over a break up. Several months had passed by and I was still hung up on my ex — it felt like I was stuck and I just couldn't move on. It was then that my friend encouraged me to go to a therapist. He not only suggested someone he knew, but he even accompanied me the day I went for my first session. AND he waited outside till my session was over. Post which we went out for a mango milkshake. I haven't thought about this incident in years, but I know I am lucky to have had friends who have looked out for me and helped me through some weird, often confusing times." — Anonymous

    13. When distance didn't matter and this friend gave all the love and support her BFF needed during a hard time.


    "I’ve had a friend in Bombay I made online 9 years ago who saved up to go on a vacation to Pondicherry with me. I stay in Chennai. I was in terrible shape mentally, and overloaded with work. She came, picked me up, took me to an amazing homestay. I was so exhausted that I just slept 70% of our trip. She gave me foot massages, took me out on dinners, and just let me be. I needed that time and space so bad then. But she just came around and made sure I got it on her holiday like it was no big deal." — Sivaganavathy

    14. When this girl defended her BFF against parental wrath.

    "My friend has a boyfriend but her parents are strict so she rarely gets a chance to meet him. One day I helped her meet him, but our frenemy wanted her to get into serious trouble so called her mother saying she saw her talking to a guy in public. Her mother asked me if she was doing so, but I managed to convince her that she didn't do anything and rather made that frenemy look even worse in her eyes. Since her mother trusts me a lot, I may have lied to her but for my friend I can do anything to protect her against all odds." — Shrabani

    15. When these best friends just said, "Main Hoon Na".

    Ojaswi Bansal

    "So I just gave my 10th board exams and am super scared of maths. One day, my tuition teacher took a math test and I was able to attempt only seven questions because I didn't know how to solve the others. I was super nervous and panicking because my pre-boards were near and I didn't know anything. As soon as I got out of the gate, my friends asked me, "What happened? Why are you panicking?" And I just burst into tears. But they were amazing and said, 'Bro, we will help you. Tu humse pucha kar. Hum tere doubts solve kar denge.'" — Ojaswi Bansal

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