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    Posted on 20 Jun 2017

    14 Times Shah Rukh Khan Didn't Spare His Fans On Twitter

    Employing his famous wit to burn them all.

    This is the love of my life, the apple of my eye, and the star of my dreams — Shah Rukh Khan.

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    The man is known to be the wisest, cleverest man in Indian showbiz. Everyone (including me) wants to be him.

    Recently, he has been upping his Twitter game. The number of fucks has been reduced, and the savagery has been sky-high.

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    Here are some gems from him:

    1. When he didn't care about turning this girl's life into a meme.

    2. When he delivered this sick burn.

    3. When he was really tired of the same questions all over again.

    4. When he accepted his flops as they were.

    5. When he wasn't afraid to admit his shortcomings.

    6. When he challenged his fans to up their sense of humour.

    7. When he didn't have time for requests.

    8. When he didn't care about AIB's feelings.

    9. When he lived on the edge with his fans.

    10. When he was really modest.

    11. When he gave no shits about naysayers.

    12. When he refused to be vain.

    13. And when he had no inclination to justify his choices.

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