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    14 Times Indian Celebs Shut Down Reporters And Gave Us All Life


    1. When Mithali Raj was sick of people asking her about her favourite male cricketer.

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    2. When Vidya Balan didn't have time for unsolicited questions about her body.

    3. When Anushka Sharma refused to fall for baity questions about her then-boyfriend, Virat Kohli.

    4. When Priyanka Chopra didn't need another question about her "date".

    5. When Kareena Kapoor refused to let people live in the Stone Age.

    6. When Radhika Apte was not going to let the media shame her for doing a sex scene in a movie.

    7. When Katrina Kaif didn't want to entertain questions about her wardrobe.

    8. When Sania Mirza was not going to take another question about "settling down".

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    9. When Sunny Leone didn't care about corrupting people's minds.

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    10. When Parineeti Chopra schooled a reporter about his ignorance about periods.

    11. When Deepika Padukone had nothing to say to nosy tabloids.

    12. When Kangana Ranaut was not going to answer this sexist question.

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    13. When Sonam Kapoor cut down the pointless grapevine.

    14. And when Alia Bhatt was sick of people underestimating her intellect.

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