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    12 Times Kerala's Swag Was Undefeated

    Insert Mohanlal moustache twirl.

    1. When this Maveli had his priorities in place.

    2. When they figured out a great way to chill and stand in long ATM queues at the same time.

    3. When they came up with this fabulous hack to fix their tap.

    4. When these judges had a great time writing their judgements.

    5. When Air India was given a serious run for its money.

    6. When coconuts had their own gorgeous transport.

    7. When Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa gave college freshers an idea of what their next three years would be like.

    8. When they were pretty sure about our directions.

    9. When they put Mercedes to shame.

    10. When Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were the faces of a family planning clinic in the state.

    11. When this auto rickshaw offered its riders a really kickass ride.

    12. And when they invented a whole religion dedicated to the superhero mouse, lord and saviour — Dinkan.

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