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12 Photos Of South Indians Voting That Will Make You Believe In Democracy Again

Kerala saw 70%, Puducherry saw 81% and Tamil Nadu saw 64% of registered voters showing up.

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As Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry hit the polling booths today for their respective state assembly elections, we came across some people who did quite a bit to exercise their right to vote.

Arun Sankar / AFP / Getty Images

1. This man who walked half a mile in his prosthetic leg to the voting centre.

2. This 100-year-old woman who voted for the first time.

3. This woman who stuck around to vote even when there was a power cut.

Arun Sankar / AFP / Getty Images

4. This man at the polls who proves there is no reason to skip the electoral process.

Arun Sankar / AFP / Getty Images

5. This mom who couldn't leave her child behind on this important day.

Arun Sankar / AFP / Getty Images

6. This man braving the rains when the polls opened.

Arun Sankar / AFP / Getty Images

7. Even movie stars made sure they were voting today.

Arun Sankar / AFP/Getty Images

8. These couples who waited to tie the knot till after dropping in at the ballot.

9. These people who brave the long queues despite the fatigue.

Arun Sankar / AFP / Getty Images

10. And these nuns who seem super happy doing their duty as citizens today.