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    Updated on 26 Oct 2019. Posted on 22 Oct 2019

    21 Things That Prove Australia And Bali Are Both Very Similar And Crazy Different

    Bali's beach clubs > Australia's cafe scene. Change my mind.

    1. Bali's food scene has exploded in recent years and you'd be forgiven for thinking you're eating in Sydney or Melbourne.

    Similarly, Australia is known for its killer food, especially our cafe brunch game.

    2. You can get a decent latte or flat white in Bali now, but they're generally concentrated to a few specific hubs on the island.

    Whereas Australia’s world-class coffee scene is hard to beat — to the point where a bad coffee is an outrage.


    Australians still make the best.

    3. You'll catch the Balinese rocking thongs for any occasion — even when riding their scooters.

    While Aussies consider thongs to be the unofficial national footwear.

    4. Bali's weather is either hot, humid or wet — welcome to the tropics.

    Meanwhile, Australia can experience all four seasons in one day — especially in December, when we enjoy crazy loco summer storms.

    5. The Balinese love a cold Bintang — it's almost as cheap as water.

    And Aussies definitely share the same passion for a crisp brew.

    6. The best way to get around Bali is by scooter — they rule the roads (and can drastically cut down your traffic time).

    Whereas cars are king in Australia and if you don't have one, you’re faced with a truly delightful public transport system.

    Reddit: @ChronicSadness / Via

    Just allow plenty of travel time, like 78490 hours.

    7. Bali has some cool, tropical wildlife on the island.

    You could say the same for Australia — it's just that 90% of the wildlife will actively try to kill you.

    Reddit / Via

    Especially the birds.

    8. Massages and spa treatments in Bali are ridiculously cheap (we’re talking, like, $12 for an hour).

    Meanwhile in Australia it's good quality, but hot damn, will you pay for it.

    9. Bali has many beaut beaches — and some have volcanic sand.

    Similarly, Australia's beaches are fantastic — even ones that are 20 minutes from the CBD.

    10. If a beach club is what you're after, Bali's scene is unparalleled.

    Meanwhile, Australia can't really say it has one.

    11. Somehow, roosters are everywhere in Bali and their crowing will literally haunt your dreams.

    In Australia, we also enjoy a beautiful bird song: The unmistakable frenzied screeching of cockies at sundown.

    Giphy / Via

    Noisy little bastards.

    12. Fresh produce aside, if you're after Western comforts in Bali, you’ll pay the price – like $19 for almond butter.

    Bali Direct / Via

    Indonesia has one of the highest rates of import tax in the world. That means things you take for granted in Australia — like say, $8.50 natural almond butter — is literally $19 in Bali. And this extends to makeup, haircare, booze and more.

    But supermarkets are generally affordable places in Australia.

    13. Bali has some incredible waterfalls to trek to.

    And while Australia's waterfalls may take longer to reach, it's similarly chock-full of ace options.

    14. When it comes to renting a home, Bali is outrageously affordable.

    While anything decent for a good price in Sydney and Melbourne will have lines down the street.



    15. Bali is a surfer's paradise.

    And the reason so many Aussies surf in Bali? Because they know good breaks from surfing epic ones at home.

    16. Watching the sun set over the ocean is a daily treat in Bali, along some of its best beaches.

    But for Aussies, watching the sunrise over the ocean ain’t so bad either.

    17. Bali has active volcanoes — something Australia can’t lay claim to.

    And rice terraces, for that matter.

    But one thing Australia has that Bali doesn't? A vast, red centre.

    18. The Balinese are super chill: "Bali Time" means "turn up whenever", road rules are only a suggestion and you’ll see just about anything on a scooter. Whatever goes.

    Facebook: LoveFoundInStillness

    Similarly, Aussies are totally down with the idea that everything always works out.

    Juan Kerr / Via

    She will, though.

    19. Bali has fibre optic internet speeds of up to 40mbps.

    Reddit / Via

    Gotta go fast!

    Meanwhile in Australia, buffering is, sadly, a way of life. / Via

    Copper wire: Our nationwide shame.

    20. In Bali, you'll most likely live outside of a major city in smaller towns, where life takes on a different pace.

    While for the majority of Aussies working, we live in busy cities with reasons to feel stressed.


    So we'll head to Bali to unwind.

    21. And finally, Bali and Australia are criminally beautiful.

    In their own unique ways.

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