Intro To Kpop Part 1: Girl Groups

Ease into Kpop with the top female groups and solo artists

1. SNSD-Gee

Arguably one of the two most famous girl groups in Kpop, this 9-member group, also known as Girls’ Generation, has been going strong since 2007 and has been credited numerous times for the start of the Hallyu wave.
Fan Club:SNE (pronounced so-won)

2. 2NE1-I Am the Best

Sharing the top spot with Girls’ Generation, 2NE1 offers strong club beats and edgier vibes. They have a very strong international following and have recently been featured in American TV shows such as The Bachelor and America’s Next Top Model
Fan Club: Blackjack

3. BoA-Only One

The Queen of Kpop, BoA has been promoting since 2000 and is still going strong. She’s strong dancer and singer and has released albums in Korean, Japanese and English.
Fan Club: Jumping BoA

4. After School-First Love

After School is famous for their graduating system of changing group members and their unique video concepts, such as a drum line and and a pole dance.
Fan Club: Playgirlz/Playboyz

5. 4Minute-HUH

This group showcases very catchy, dancable, club-style hits.
Fan Club: 4NIA

6. Ailee-I’ll Show You

Ailee has powerhouse vocals that will blow you away. She’s relatively new to the Kpop scene but you can already tell she’s got staying power.
Fan Club: Aileens (unofficial)

7. miss A-Goodbye Baby

miss A is a group that loves their girl-power songs-Goodbye Baby, Bad Girl Good Girl, I Don’t Need a Man-and that’s why we love them.
Fan Club: Say A


Although KARA has recently lost 2 members, we remember them fondly for their fun dance hits.
Fan Club: Kamilia
Note-The official MV is the Japanese version but they also released the song in Korean

9. Brown Eyed Girls-Abracadabra

Famous for their hip-swinging “Arrogant Dance” BEG continuous to challenge themselves with a variety of genres.
Fan Club: Everlasting

10. SISTAR-So Cool

Fun songs, powerful vocals and dances you could actually do at home! What more could you ask for?
Fan Club: STAR1 (pronounced Style)

11. Wonder Girls-Be My Baby

They may not be back for a while, Wonder Girls has provided us with some very fun, funky and retro inspired videos to watch while we wait.
Fan Club: Wonderful

12. SES-(‘Cause) I’m Your Girl

Big 3 entertainment company SM’s first girl group. Their songs will bring you back to the 90’s with their innocent, girly image.
Fan Club: Friends

13. F(x)-Electric Shock

F(x) consistantly puts out fun electronic dance numbers with crazy colorful outfits. Fun fact:member Krystal’s older sister Jessica is a member of SNSD, both groups are under the same label-SM Entertainment.
Fan Club: Plus (unofficial)

14. Lee Hyori-Bad Girls

Former member of the group Fin.K.L, Lee Hyori successfully struck out on her own after the group disbanded. She is one of the highest paid female Kpop singers.
Fan Club: N/A

15. T-ara-Roly Poly

Fan Club: QUEEN’S

16. Secret-Madonna

Fan Club: Secret Time

17. Apink-NoNoNo

Fan Club: Pink Panda

18. G.Na-Black & White

Fan Club: G.Ni (pronounced genie)

19. Crayon Pop-Bar Bar Bar

Fan Club: N/A

20. HyunA-Bubble Pop!

Fan Club: N/A

21. Fin.K.L-Forever Love

Fan Club: Pinky

22. Orange Caramel-Lipstick

Fan Club: Playgirlz/Playboyz

23. CL-Baddest Female

Fan Club: CLassifieds (unofficial)

24. Girls’ Generation-TTS-Twinkle

Fan Club: SNE

25. IU-YOU&I

Fan Club: U-ana

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