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    10 Met Gala Looks From 2021 That Would Honestly Be Better As Halloween Costumes

    I think we can all agree Kim Kardashian's all-black ensemble was a little spooky...

    Fashion's biggest night of the year is also the perfect spot to inspire some haute Halloween costumes. Among the shiny dresses and impeccably-tailored suits, there are the avant-garde looks meant to shock and impress us. For those looks that didn't impress on the white carpet, there's still hope of redemption on the biggest night of the year for fashion disasters: Halloween.

    If you're undecided on your costume this year and want to stay current, take a look at these 10 outfits from the Met Gala that are better suited to be Halloween costumes:

    10. Kim Petras's Horse Girl

    Kim Petras wearing a dress with a floral skirt and a horse head on the bodice while she clutches a floor-length ponytail in one hand

    9. Anja Rubik’s Molting Ostrich

    Anja Rubik wearing a sparkly mesh ensemble with feathers covering the neckline and some more placed mid-thigh to the floor

    8. Dan Levy’s World Atlas

    Dan Levy sporting a top with puffy sleeves and a couple kissing in the middle, map=printed pants, and boots with flowers growing from the top

    7. Kid Cudi’s Hip-Hop Joker

    Kid Cudi sporting a sweatshirt, wide leg printed pants, bright sneakers, and a teddy bear chain

    6. Kim Kardiashian’s Blackout

    Kin Kardashian wearing a dark ensemble with a dark face covering

    5. ASAP Rocky’s Bulky Blanket

    ASAP Rocky wrapped in what appears to be a quilt stands next to Rihanna, who's wearing a dark ensemble

    4. Hunter Schafer’s White-Eyed Demon

    Hunter Schafer wears a Prada two-piece steel plate skirt and top with a spider gem in between her eyes

    3. Natalia Bryant’s Bubble Dress

    Natalia Bryant wears a sparkly dress that expands in the middle like a balloon

    2. Winnie Harlow’s Zebra

    Winnie Harlow wears a sheer patterned one-piece ensemble with simple high heels

    1. And finally, Erykah Badu’s Astronaut Plague Doctor

    Erykah Badu wears a top hat, heavy jacket, wide leg pants, boots, and a lacy face covering while holding a Dachshund-shaped purse

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