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5 Funny Indian Pranksters On YouTube To Look Forward In 2016

Youtube is some serious funny business.

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Today AIB is a household name with their hit TV show, 'On Air with AIB'. Those guys are spotted almost everywhere, but do you remember earlier you had to log on to Youtube to let those guys crackle your funny bone?

Youtube is a haven of raw and underrated talents from around the world. Youtube in India has garnered popularity among youngsters. Every other fella runs his own channel. But how many of those are even worth watching?

We bring you a list of 5 funny Indian Pranksters on Youtube that we think really deserve our time and attention.

1. The Two Indian

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Pranks, social experiments, interviews, challenges, funny listicles.. you name it and The Two Indian excel at it. The earnest efforts of these creative geniuses reflect in their videos. Read their ‘about’ section which beautifully explains their ideas. Start with any video and you are instantly hooked. We recommend hitting that ‘subscribe’ button now!

2. Mr. Vodka

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Started out with pranking strangers, he is the first desi Youtuber to introduce us to the concept of ‘trolling’ and he is definitely good at it. He also tries his hand at street interviews that are thought-provoking. Don’t miss out on his short yet funny quickies. His last prank video of twerking takes away the cake though. He definitely pushed the envelope further with it. Bravo!

3. DopeTv

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Dopetv / Via

DopeTv knows how to blend madness and fun. That’s what this channel is about. The unabashed team of guys are fearless while pranking public on the streets. However, their social experiments are compelling too. After watching all their videos, bet you too will feel that DopeTv is surely one of the most underrated Indian pranksters on Youtube.

4. Tango Tube

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Tango Tube / Via

This channel knows how to strike a chord with the audience. Immensely popular for their pranks, Tango Tube is gradually mastering at street interviews, vines and reaction videos. Their latest Republic Day video of spreading kindness is worth a watch. One request: upload more vines, guys. Those videos are so relatable.

5. Maniac Brothers

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Maniac Brothers / Via

As the name suggests, this duo is crazy. They prank unsuspecting crowd in Mumbai pulling out laughter in every video. Though their ideas might seem basic at first glance, but their acting skills make up for it. Their most popular video, giving ‘kisses’ to girls was a daring attempt. Beware as you could be their next victim.

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