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    The 15 People You'll Run Into On Vacation

    Everyone loves a good vacation, but have you ever taken the time to observe the people around you? Are you one of those people that employees avoid or are you someone that honeymoon couples seek out as their personal photographer? Maybe you're an instagram husband, and that's okay too.

    1. The First Time Vacationers

    2. The Seasoned Vacationers

    3. The Romantic Couple

    4. The Solo Traveler

    5. Employee Part 1: The College Student with Big Dreams

    6. Employee Part 2: The College Drop-Out

    7. Employee Part 3: Drifters

    8. The Road Trippers

    9. Incognito: On the Run

    10. The Locals

    11. The "Not-So-Local" Locals

    12. Insta-Infamous

    13. The Teenage Wolf Pack

    14. The Senior Citizen Group

    15. School Groups