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7 Great Easter Eggs Hidden in Your Browser

It's not quite Easter yet, but any day can be a good day to find Easter Eggs. And with these, you don't even need to leave your browser.

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  • 1. Firefox: And, Lo! The Book of Mozilla

    Firefox is easily the best browser to hunt for Easter Eggs. This one, "about:mozilla", started as a response to a now defunct special page in Explorer 5.5 that showed the blue screen of death when you typed "about:mozilla." Bonus: Typing "res://mshtml.dll/about.moz" in Explorer will show the old blue screen.

  • 2. Firefox: Klaatu barada nikto!

    Experience multiple levels of geek with Firefox's "about:robots". Bonus: Please do not press the button.

  • 3. Firefox: I herd you like browsers...

    Get a browser in yo browser with "chrome://browser/content/browser.xul". This works multiple times, so you can really go the full Inception on this. Bonus: Originally, there was a Ghostbusters nod with a secret link to Mozilla's now defunct XUL project.

  • 4. Chrome: Aw, Snap!

    While there are several special pages to geek out over in Chrome, (about:memory, about:stats, about:histograms) this one, about:crash, gets Chrome to show the sad folder logo.

  • 5. Chrome: It's a series of tubes!

    This one is a little special case. If you have the 'pipes' screen saver installed, when you type "about:internets" into your browser, you get to see what Senator Ted Stevens saw in his browser.

  • 6. Opera: /.

    Typing "/." into Opera will take you directly to

  • 7. Netscape: Book of Mozilla Redux

    If there are any dinosaurs out there, typing "about.mozilla" into Firefox's elderly grandfather, Netscape, will get you another poignant quote from the Book of Mozilla.

  • 8. Bonus iPhone Easter Egg

    iPhone users: Google "tilt" in mobile Safari and see what happens.