Amazing Photography Themed Rube Goldberg Device

Four minutes long, one shot and zero discernible errors. The folks over at Canadian firm 2D Photography worked on their Rube Goldberg device for over six months before they filmed the completed version you see here. Fair Warning: It really is an amazing contraption, but the experience is slightly tarnished by the subtle (and not so subtle) product placements throughout the video. (Via)

SomeGameGuy • 6 years ago

That's Vaginal!

Carlton the Cat is on a mission to change the way you think about vaginas. Warning: This is an ad stunt for Summer's Eve, maker of vaginal cleansing products. Warning #2: If you have a vagina, don't use vaginal cleansing products. (Via)

SomeGameGuy • 6 years ago

Sith's Creed

Jack Jasra made this great Assassin's Creed/Star Wars mashup tribute art. He thinks this is what could happen if the Animus 3.0 could access memories of a former life from long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. But just in case you think Ezio works better as a wimpy badass Jedi Knight, he went and made that, too. (Via)

SomeGameGuy • 6 years ago

Pokemon For The Layman

This apparently originated from a discussion in which a girl asked her boyfriend to give names to all Pokemon off the top of his head. They seem like pretty damn good guesses to me.

SomeGameGuy • 6 years ago

Meet Millie Brown, Puke Artist

Millie Brown makes a living while puking. In the name of art, she throws up her project "Nexus Vomitus" in a rainbow of colors on white screens while opera singers provide an acoustic performance. Not Safe For Eyes. You were warned. (Via)

SomeGameGuy • 7 years ago