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    • somechick

      Wow. A lot of supporters for bad fashion. Hahaha to you all. Hopefully, when some of you regain some brain cells, you’ll be looking back at when you used to wear this junk with pride and go “why the fuck was I wearing THAT back then?” That so many girls—even the oversized lard-butts (goddammit)—are wearing this stuff now all the more makes it awful times a million. (For the record, I’m no fitness model, but I know how to dress my shape.) If dressing alike was once considered a cardinal sin in fashion, then dressing alike in horrid fashion is hell on earth.  Look, girls, if you think you got the body and the legs to wear this stuff, how ‘bout wearing a skirt instead? Depending on the style, a skirt (think an A-line mini that stops above the knee) has more class and sophistication than a pair of cheap, hackneyed leggings. How I long for the return of refinement (and wide-legged/bell-bottom pants) to modern style. Fuck what you see at Forever 21 or on the hot pop star who can’t sing for shit. Leggings/skinny pants—along with fake nerd glasses and neon-colored, oversized tops—are the reasons why fashion is just junk today. (Guess fashion is a true reflection of the times, and, man, how crappy these times are, with the government woes and the perpetuance of stupid tabloid culture.) I’m proud to have never owned and never worn a single pair of leggings/tights/skinny pants, not out of “rebellion” for today’s trash fashion, but because I know what looks & feels good on me. And isn’t that what style should be all about?  Not the best bashing on leggings that I’ve read, but good article, anyway.

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