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    • solvseus

      Well, as noted, Obama ran on surging in the ‘stans and did. People supported the Afghanistan war, Iraq not so much. Most of us were upset resources we’re pulled from the real fight to go there. We got BinLaden, the guy who actually attacked us, and now we’re winding the wars down. Counter to your point about lives lost, that’s WHY he’s increased drone kills, but actually people DO have a problem with them. ESPECIALLY the innocent lives lost and Americans killed without due process. NBC broke the most recent story, and liberals have been outraged. They’re also not happy about torture, see some resistance to Brennan. And GITMO, seriously? Name one Dem who’s ok that it’s still open. Congress blocked the funds after Obama signed off on it on his first day, then he gave up, and no one is happy about that. There is some hypocrisy here, but this is not it. Nor was it 7, you repeated yourself there a bit.

    • solvseus

      Last year, they had that stupid rollover. Then they changed Shopping so now it’s only paid placement. When they got rid of background images on their homepage, that was the last straw for me. I’m currently trying several new search engines, none of them are great (mostly thanks to Google’s dominance, monopolizing the field) but I’m trying to be as done with Google as possible. Mistake after stupid mistake, none of them ever learn. And having to sign up for Google+ to voice my displeasure, then immediately deleting that account because it’s terrible, cinched it for me.

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