First, being a nerd myself and hanging with lots…

First, being a nerd myself and hanging with lots of nerds it is fairly obvious that a girl doesn’t have to pretend to be anything to get attention from nerds, wanted or unwanted. Two X chromosomes is about all it takes. Second, why would a female want to pretend to be something just to get attention from nerds? Is it our fastidious hygiene? Or perhaps our rippling muscles? Oh wait, I know. It’s our famous mastery of social skills, right? Lastly, even if a woman was pretending to be a nerd just for attention from nerds why the hell would you object to that? Is it all the stiff competition for the very rare unattached nerds out there? And for the guys, why would you object? They are a female showing interest in something you are also interested in. Roll with it, unless you like wearing your virginity like a badge of honor. I know it may come as a shock but when members of the opposite sex are trying to get your attention that’s your cue to show them you can behave like a mature adult instead of being a creep or jerk.

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