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11 Things Music Makes Us ALL Do

Music is the most powerful force in the world. We all have the same feeling that takes over as soon as you press play. Songs sound even better with SOL REPUBLIC, who will always admit #MusicMadeMeDoIt.

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1. As soon as the sound kickstarts, bet you can barely resist the urge to boogie.

2. Next thing you know, you're all-out singing along!

3. You just literally want to dance.


4. It helps to bookmark the best of times...

5. ...and the worst, too.


6. Holler and throw your hands in the air (like you just don't care)!

7. It'll awaken the spirit inside of you!

8. Or help you steal a moment. ;)

9. Music makes you want to scream, "YAAASS! This is my song!"

10. What gets you more amped up than MUSIC?

11. Music is everything.