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This A Cappella Cover Of "Chandelier" Is Unreal

Elon University's a cappella group Twisted Measure performs a totally unique rendition of "Chandelier" by Sia.

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Twisted Measure is a coed a cappella group at this really pretty school in North Carolina called Elon. The group has been around since 1999, and has a tradition of singing barefoot. Hence the lack of shoes by most members of the group in the video.

The group works closely with a cappella studio, Liquid 5th, and recorded this cover and video in their Durham studio.

Coolest thing about this group: all of Twisted Measure's songs are arranged by members of the group. So everything in this cover is 100% TM.

You can get this song (an a ton of other Twisted Measure songs) on iTunes and Spotify. DOPE.