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    10 Products You Should Never Use Past Expiration, And 9 Products That Could Live Through An Apocalypse

    Just because you still own it doesn’t mean you should use it.

    The bread loaf in your pantry gets a quick scan for mold before lathering it with peanut butter and jelly. The milk in your fridge gets a sniff test before pouring it into your cereal. But what about the other products lying around your home that are equally as important to use by the expiration date?

    Using outdated products can cause a negative impact on your health, skin, and physical body. Make sure to be mindful of how long you use the following products, and never neglect the "use by" date:

    1. Your toothbrush: replace every three to four months

    Black and white dog holding pink tooth brush in its mouth

    2. Your running shoes: replace every 300-500 miles

    3. Your bath towel: replace once every two years

    Women sitting in a sauna wearing a towel wrapped around her body and hair.

    4. Your slippers: replace once a year, depending on the brand and quality

    5. Your mattress: replace every six to eight years, and flip it over at the half way mark

    6. Your kitchen sponge: replace at least every couple of weeks

    7. Liquid foundation and concealer: can be used up to 18 months, depending on the brand and ingredients

    Rihanna'as Savage X Fenty foundation and concealer

    8. Sunscreen: use within three years for full UV protection

    Women with sunscreen on her nose at the beach wearing a tropical wetsuit

    9. Vitamins: use within two years for complete effectiveness

    10. Batteries: make sure to use by the expiration date

    Aerial shot of many batteries

    Now, not every household good can or should last a lifetime. But many products that you wouldn’t expect to last forever actually might...

    Here are nine products that can, for the most part, outlive an apocalypse:

    11. Honey: lasts indefinitely

    Elevated view of yogurt with honey on wooden table

    12. A cast iron skillet: will last for decades on decades

    Cast iron filled with gnocchi

    13. Hydro Flask products: keep your beloved reusable water bottle forever with their lifetime warranty

    Picture of a sky blue Hydro Flask water bottle

    14. KitchenAid stand mixer: will last at least 10 to 15 years

    White KitchenAid stand mixer whipping batter

    15. Zippo lighter: spark up for life with their lifetime guarentee

    16. Dr. Martens: 20 years and counting

    Woman walking down colorful street in Dr. Marten boots

    17. Patagonia products: designed to last forever

    Red Patagonia women's jacket

    18. Manduka PRO yoga mat: built to last forever, and if yours doesn't, the company will replace it for free with their lifetime guarantee

    Pink and blue yoga mat basking in the sunlight

    19. Vinyl records: can last up to 100 years

    Now it's your turn: What products do you know of that can last a lifetime, and which ones do you make sure to use before the expiration date? Let us know in the comments below!