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    We Need To Talk About How Actually Magical Winter Is In Australia

    I used to be a hater, but now I have seen the light.

    How good is an Australian winter?

    It's the sunsets for me.

    Especially in Western Australia, where the sun will always set over the ocean.

    And I haven't even mentioned the snow yet.

    And it's just so magical? I want to frolic here.

    When we put snow and sunsets together, LOOK WHAT WE GET!

    This isn't actually a scene from Game of Thrones, it's a photo of Australian winter.

    Meanwhile, in some parts of the country it's quite literally still summer.

    30 degree heat? In winter? A reality for the Top End.

    There's nothing like a winter swim, whether it be by the ocean... a rockpool with a sunset view...

    ...or at a waterfall in the warm sunshine.

    Like, is this Sweden? Nope — it's South Australia in the winter.

    Look at our sunshine state, bright and sunny as ever.

    The sun doesn't burn you to a crisp in winter! It's like a warm hug!

    There's nothing like a cold, clear Australian winter morning.

    When it's nice and frosty...and then the sun peaks through.

    And that sweet, sweet smell of rain.

    Winter in Australia really has it all.

    I shall never hate on it again.

    Because, how could you when it looks like this?