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13 Photos That Prove Fraser Island Is The Most Underrated Paradise Off Australia’s East Coast

BRB, literally moving to Fraser Island forever.

Fraser Island is about a 45-minute ferry ride from Hervey Bay, Queensland. You can go for a ~wild~ experience and camp in the bush during your stay, or live the ~luxury~ life by staying at a resort. Whether you're after a jam-packed, activity-filled schedule or a more chilled out vibe, there's something for everyone (and plenty of stunning sights to see along the way).

1. Lake McKenzie

2. Central Station

3. Basin Lake

4. Pile Valley

5. Wanggoolba Creek

6. Maheno Shipwreck

7. The Pinnacles Coloured Sands

8. Champagne Pools

9. Eli Creek

10. Indian Head

11. Lake Wabby

12. Hammerstone Sandblow

13. Lake Birrabeen

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