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    We Tried Semi-Permanent Tattoos To See If They’re Actually A Good Alternative

    A temporary bad decision.

    I think we can all agree that getting a tattoo is a pretty huge commitment.

    It can be really tough to decide on placement and design when you know there's no turning back.

    So when we discovered semi-permanent tattoos that look pretty damn legit, we jumped at the prospect.

    We chose some cute designs and purchased a kit each from Inkbox.

    The application process seemed complicated at first, but the instructions were actually really easy to follow.

    First, you peel off the adhesive and stick it onto your skin wherever you want your tattoo to be.

    Next, you peel off another layer and dab an an alcohol wipe (provided) onto the middle of the square, where the fabric is.

    Then, you use a warm cloth (also provided) to apply AS MUCH PRESSURE AS POSSIBLE for 30 seconds, then relax and hold with firm pressure for 15 minutes.

    Peel off, and voila!

    After 24 hours, the tattoo had fully developed.

    A week later, things looked a bit grim.

    So, what were our final thoughts?

    If you like the look of these semi-permanent tattoos, you can try them for yourself here.