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    December Birthdays Are Superior And Here Are 17 Reasons Why


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    1. First of all, the whole world is in a REALLY good mood at this time of year.

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    2. Which means it feels like literally every single person is super excited for your birthday.


    Your local barista, your office friends...everyone is extra chirpy.

    3. EVERYTHING is decorated with pretty lights and ornaments.

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    Look, I know they're Christmas decorations, but they're still BEAUTIFUL and it feels GREAT.

    4. Since your entire family unites for Christmas, it means you get double the presents from more family members.


    They've learned not to ignore the fact that it's your birthday too!

    5. Not to mention that spending time with your family is so special, and even moreso when it's your birthday.

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    6. You might even have multiple celebrations for your birthday to accommodate everyone.


    One on your birthday, one a week later – your birthday basically lasts a whole month.

    7. Even if you don't, there are still so many things happening at this time of year.


    Even if it's not FOR your birthday, it feels like it.

    8. Like, once your birthday and Christmas is over, it's all about New Years Eve festivities.

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    The good times keep on coming.

    9. And everyone is totally into the party mood, which is SUCH a vibe.


    No one will decline an invitation to birthday drinks because they're on a ~mid year cleanse~.

    10. If you were lucky, you basically NEVER had to spend a birthday at school.

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    Having a birthday in the holidays is way better than spending it doing maths.

    11. And even now at work, December is usually the month where everyone's going out for long lunches and not caring too much about actually working.

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    12. If you have friends who've moved away that come back to visit for Christmas, you get to see them on your birthday too!


    13. You get incredible gifts as everything is basically on sale at this time of year.


    14. Plus there are gift guides everywhere, so you know that even a last-minute panic-bought gift will be good.


    15. If you're living in the southern hemisphere, it means you have a summer birthday which is the BEST.

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    16. Turning one year older AND celebrating the new year means it's the most perfect time to do a big reset.

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    It's such a pinnacle moment of your year – it feels so significant.

    17. And to be honest...we all know that Sagittarians and Capricorns are the superior signs. 😏

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    Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj all say hi.

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