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Filipino-Aussies Are Sharing Their Halo-Halo Creations, And My Mouth Is Watering

Pavlova halo-halo is the most Filo-Aussie thing ever and I love it so much.

It's Filipino Week at BuzzFeed Australia — which means we're celebrating everything Filipino-Aussie culture. Today, we got four Filipino-Australians to try each other's halo-halo recipe to find the best one.

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Halo-halo is a Filipino dessert with shaved ice, condensed milk, and any kind of toppings that you desire. That could be fruit, different types of sweet beans or ice cream. By definition, halo-halo means "mix, mix", which is exactly what you're meant to do with it (before devouring it).

Different parts of the Philippines make halo-halo differently and everyone has their individual preferences. The key is getting the ratio right – just enough sweetness, not too cold and packed with flavour!

Erica's "OG" Halo-Halo

Dom's Buko Pandan & Sago't Gulaman Halo-Halo

Angelo's Mais Con Yelo Halo-Halo

And finally, Arville's Pavlova Halo-Halo

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