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I'm Cackling Watching This Video Of Filipino-Aussies Trying To Guess Their Mum's Kare-Kare

"I'm just very worried if I get this wrong...the pressure is on."

It's Filipino Week at BuzzFeed Australia — which means we're celebrating everything Filipino-Aussie culture. Today, we challenged three Filo-Aussies to try and guess their mum's kare-kare. What could go wrong?!

For those who don't know, kare-kare is a Filipino peanut stew usually eaten on special occasions. It's traditionally made with oxtail, beef tripe and veggies, served with shrimp paste and rice.

First up, let's introduce everyone. Meet Alex, a fitness coach and creator who's here with his mum, Sharon.

Next, we have Anna, who runs Filipino Movement Australia, with her daughter Bianca, who is a digital creator.

And finally, meet Luisa, a home cook whom you may recognise from our Chefs Try Each Other's Food series. She's here with her child, Eli.

Dish A: Sharon's Kare-Kare

Dish B: Anna's Kare-Kare

Dish C: Luisa's Kare-Kare

If you want to find out who got it right (and wrong!) — plus see all of the mums’ wholesome live reactions — make sure you check out the full video below:

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