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    Drown Me In Garlic Sauce Because It Appears El Jannah Is Opening In Newtown

    Two words: GARLIC SAUCE.

    If you know ANYTHING about food, then you probably know that El Jannah is the KING of charcoal chicken (and that sweet nectar of the gods we call garlic sauce).

    Literally just LOOK AT THIS PERFECT MEAL.

    Currently, El Jannah only has locations in Sydney's west and south, making it kind of a trek for city binches like me.

    But that is ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE.

    Facebook page "My Love Affair With Newtown" posted this image featuring an "El Jannah Express" sign — which appears to be located on King Street in Newtown, right next to Delish.

    And look, I'm not the only one who's losing it.

    An El Jannah in Newtown. In my lifetime.

    Last night I drove an hour round trip from Newtown to Punchbowl to get El Jannah, so it's very kind they have recognised my dedication and are now moving in down the road. :')

    Finding out they’re opening an El Jannah in Newtown must be a similar feeling to winning the lotto. I’m overjoyed.

    No word on when exactly El Jannah Express will open shop, but as soon as it does, I'll basically be moving in.