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    Art Simone Told Us What Actually Happened During Her "Drag Race Down Under" Elimination


    If you've been watching RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under, you'll know that Episode 2 saw a disappointing, yet iconic sashay from Art Simone.


    There was some drama during the elimination though, after a producer attempted to reassure Art Simone that she had done well by making it on to the show in the first place. She replied with a dramatic (yet iconic): "That means nothing!"

    It was clear Art Simone was devastated, with her mentioning that she felt like she had disappointed her friends and family back home during the elimination segment. And while plenty of people were ~gagged~, some thought it was more of an award-winning performance.

    this was gut-wrenching tbh #DragRaceDownUnder

    That last five minutes of #DragRaceDownUnder was EMMY LEVEL SHIT. Like what a fucking gag

    In an interview with BuzzFeed, Art Simone explained that she felt so confused and lost during the elimination because she "had gone in with so much weight on my shoulders to do well and it came crashing down on me."

    BuzzFeedOz, Stan

    She also revealed how the producer's prompts came across in reality: "The producer was being patronising with me."


    "I will not ever be able to tell you what was said before and after that, but it’s like in that moment...I need to be processing my emotions. That’s where that reaction came from, it was raw."

    Art Simone also told us what we didn't see during her sashay away, which was a massive thank you to RuPaul that didn't make the cut.


    "You can’t show them [all] that, it’s TV. You saw 50 minutes out of two days of filming."

    You can watch the full interview with Art Simone on YouTube, in the latest episode of Drag 'N' Dine.

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