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    35 Strange Things That You’ve 100% Experienced If You Went To A Girls-Only School

    There were probably two male teachers, and everyone had a crush on one of them.

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    1. You've had so much practise handling nasty gossip, that nowadays office drama is no problem whatsoever.

    2. You got in trouble for stupid things like not having a ribbon in your hair.

    3. Or for wearing your uniform “above the knees”.

    4. Arguments about friendship groups happened often.

    5. Usually about someone feeling left out.

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    6. Or when your best friend suddenly got a new best friend and ditched you.

    7. Your school motto was probably in Latin.

    8. And it translated to something about working hard or striving high because, well, ~females need to work twice as hard~.

    9. Or, if your school was highly religious, the motto was something biblical.

    10. You never related to a movie more than St Trinians.

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    11. Period talk was not taboo at all, even if it was incredibly detailed.

    12. In fact, it was totally normal to shout at the top of your lungs: “DOES ANYONE HAVE A TAMPON?”

    13. People always asked you if going to an all-girls school turned you into a lesbian.

    14. The teachers tried their best to make you feel empowered, especially in the final years of high school, as you were females about to enter the ~real world~.

    15. Meanwhile you would get in trouble for wearing your uniform in a way that would “attract male attention”. Not so empowering all of a sudden, eh?

    16. You had absolutely no problem hitching up your skirt to pull up your tights in public.

    17. Same goes for adjusting your bra strap.

    18. You’ll still do it as a full-functioning adult, when no one is looking.

    19. Consoling a crying girl in the bathroom is something you did on the regular.

    20. So now you’re an expert at it.

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    21. If you wanted to get out of swimming you knew you just had to tell the teacher you suddenly got your period.

    22. Your uniform was a gross, dull shade of some primary colour.

    23. There were probably two male teachers, and everyone had a crush on one of them.

    24. If you were tall, you always had to play the male characters in school plays.

    25. Unless the brother school got to join, in which case, everyone suddenly wanted to participate.

    26. Many memories were made at school discos where the brother school was also in attendance.

    27. Because apart from those disco dances, you didn’t really hang out with boys unless it was on the train before or after school.

    28. And as soon as someone got a boyfriend, it was the biggest deal ever.

    29. Everyone in the whole grade knew all the details about said relationship.

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    30. There was at least one really mean teacher who seemed like the most evil person on the planet.

    31. Although in hindsight, you realise she wasn’t that bad and you probably had it coming.

    32. Sometimes you wished you went to a co-ed school.

    33. But truth be told, being surrounded by girls was the best.

    34. It prepared you for the real world in more ways than you realised.

    35. And now you’re just slaying life, kicking ass every single day.

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