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37 Reasons You Should Never Visit Serbia

Don't even consider it.

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1. Serbia's really nothing special, full of things you see all the time.

Irene Becker

2. It's basically a barren wasteland.

Katarina Stefanovic

3. The architecture is absolutely horrendous.

4. Plus, there's nothing good to eat in Serbia either.

5. Oh, and the biggest Christian Orthodox Church in the world is anything but spectacular.

6. These Belgrade sights are entirely overrated.

7. It's history as the birthplace of Roman emperors is super ordinary, just like these golden fields.

Katarina Stefanovic

8. Art installations in Serbia are drab and awful.

Matej Duzel

9. Winters in Serbia lack any element of magic.

10. It doesn't matter where you look — Serbia always looks the same.

11. Seriously, you might as well stop looking at these pictures now.

Novica Aloric

12. The sunsets are super boring...

13. ...and terribly underwhelming.

Izdavacki Studio Shjk / Izdavacki studio SHJK

14. They aren't romantic either.

15. It's not a charming European city whatsoever.

16. Hopefully you're never hungry because there's no good food to be had in Serbia.

17. If classic Serbian architecture is bad, then their modern architecture is just plain terrible.

18. Again, not charming at all.

19. Even the nighttime sky looks dusty and dirty.

The Wax Museum

20. The Danube River is totally not worth visiting.

Dragoljub Zamurovic

21. Nor is Danube Street in Novi Sad.

Aleksandar Milutinovic

22. Serbians have no idea how to throw a party.

Bojan Hohnjec

23. The sun shining over the Tara Mountains is one of the ugliest views imaginable.

Uros Petrovic

24. The fields yield hardly any good food.

Katarina Stefanovic

25. Who would even eat any of this?

26. So don't bother visiting the farmers markets in Serbia.

27. Every city looks like this from above, right?

28. And these monuments...whatever.

29. Why would you visit the dragon roads of Nikola Tesla? He was just another ordinary Serbian dude.

30. A castle in the middle of a city? Lame.

31. Move along. Nothing to see here.

32. Or here.

33. If you wind up in Serbia, you'd better have packed a lunch.

34. Honestly, you shouldn't even consider visiting Serbia...ever.

35. You'll just wish you were somewhere else.

36. Literally, anywhere else in the world would be better.

Marija Piroshki

37. Because Serbia totally sucks.

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