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Vines That Should Win An Oscar

Because we all know it will happen eventually

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Most Relevant / Via justjamiie

when all your friends go out and don't invite you

Best Use of Photobooth Features / Via quensadilla


Best WTF / Via Hasnaat Mahmood


Best "So True It Hurts" / Via Nathan Zed

meninist meetings

Best Throwback / Via icoNICK

Best Dog Vine / Via Detective51

Part Chipmunk

Best Bromance / Via Gabe Erwin

when you and your friend both secretly love the same song… 😳😏

Best Meta Vine / Via Danny Gonzalez

Trapped inside an informercial

Best Punchline / Via Brittlestar

Remember to Check your Kids' Halloween Candy

Best Impromptu Activism / Via OShay Neal


Best School Vine / Via Thomas Sanders

Racing to Make It! πŸ•˜

Best Cinematography / Via Rudy Mancuso

When bae likes your picture

Best Tutorial Vine / Via Sunny Mabrey


Best "Candid" / Via Arthur

Navy Blue is Not Your Colour

Best Editing / Via BvbyJesus

When your life flashed before your eyes

The Cutest Vine You've Ever Seen / Via rTjohns


Best Literal Interpretation of a Song / Via Gregor Reynolds

Sneezed on the beat & the beat got sicker 😳😷

Funniest Music Vine / Via Anwar Jibawi

Music is better live

Best Taylor Swift Vine / Via Alexander Holtti

When your favorite song is embarrassing and you only listen to it when you're by yourself #donttellyourfriends

Best Collab with a Celebrity / Via Sunny Mabrey

Crush on an older man

Best Cop Vine / Via Josh Peck

Every Buddy Cop movie ever

And our final category... Best Vine of All Time / Via Darius Benson

Feeling like a blacksmith when you put a hot skillet in the sink πŸ’ͺπŸ”¨πŸ”₯

Any great vines I missed? Mention them in the comments below!

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