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    26 Reasons Living In Vancouver Ruins You For Life

    We are VANGcouverites, not VAHNcouverites!

    1. Because Vancouver is the perfect blend of urban life and nature

    2. Because in Vancouver (aka Glass City,) you are surrounded by towering skyscrapers

    3. Charming History

    3. Sprawling mountains

    4. And a beautiful ocean

    5. Because there is no other market like the Granville Island Public Market

    6. Which you can get to via Seabus

    7. Because Vancouver has the best China Town in Canada

    8. Because there are four distinct seasons

    9. Because Vancouver is both a sophisticated, laid-back, AND artsy city

    10. Because Vancouver boasts one of the best beaches in BC

    11. Because that is just one of its many beaches

    11. Because just look at this Inukshuk

    12. Because you'll just have to get used to sunsets like this

    13. Because Vancouver has the best Chinese food

    14. Because in Vancouver these are both comfortable, casual, AND stylish

    15. Two words: Science World. NOT Telus World of Science!!

    16. Not to mention the Space Centre

    17. Because if 15 and 16 weren't enough, this awesome city also had the Vancouver Aquarium for educational entertainment

    18. Because this picture of Stanley Park says it all

    19. Because Vancouver is just a car ride away from the greatest ski resort in the whole universe

    20. Because Vancouver aims to be the greenest city by 2020

    21. Because downtown looks like this at night

    22. Because Vancouverites are kind of odd and the slightest bit arrogant

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    Arrogant for good reason!

    23. But just follow these simple rules and you'll fit right in!

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    24. Because even though housing prices will make you want to cry and sell your first born for rent money...

    25. And it rains over 161 days per year...

    26. You couldn't imagine living anywhere else