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Oh, The Places You'll Go!

We know there is no place like Durhome, but these Study Abroad programs are too amazing to overlook.

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1. Can you hear the church bells ringin'?

Duke Desarrolla

Duke in Costa Rica in Heredia, Costa Rica

* 4 weeks-1 course! practice your español in this amazing location while you learn about community health issues in Costa Rica. Visit places like beautiful Tortuga island, La Paz waterfalls and more!

2. Talk about Gothic..

Duke in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

* Talk about language immersion? This Study Abroad Program focuses on intensive Portuguese learning in Rio while exploring the social issues of the city, also there is an environmental issues focus for this program that takes place in a location in the Amazon.

While there don't forget to check out the Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading! an architectural wonder that is home to the "largest collection of Portuguese works outside of Portugal".

3. Wednesday Night Shooters?

Study in Colombia

* Want to know something amazing? you can request a Study Abroad Program anywhere in Latin America!

Yep! you can contact the Global Education Office and work with them to request a program in the Latin American region of your choice.. and honestly who wouldn't love to go to Colombia..

4. A Bridge to Argentina!

Study in Argentina

* No wonder Argentina is one of the most requested and approved Duke Abroad Programs. The place is brimming with art, culture, tango and love..

Want to learn more about it from Dukies that basically consider themselves Argentinians now? Come to the Study Abroad in Latin America Panel!

5. In Spanish it's not soccer it's futbol..

Study in Chile

* Baseball games at the Durham Bulls Stadium are cool, but experiencing the authentic Latin American futbol craze is on a whole other level. Besides being a futbol powerhouse, Chile is one of Latin America's most beautiful and interesting countries. Full of opportunities for every field AND it also has lots of approved programs you can request.. que esperas?

6. So what do you think about these Duke Dopplegängers?

Do you want to learn more about these opportunities from people that have considered these places their home?

You are in luck! Next Tuesday, January 31st is the Study Abroad in Latin America Student Panel!

* Come and enjoy this informal-style info sesh at West Union 068 form 6-7:30pm!

Snacks and drinks will be provided!

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