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5 Cheap, Quick, And Healthy Meals For College Students

It's hard to be health conscious when you have neither time nor money

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*Note: All prices are approximate and based on 1 serving size. Recipes operate under the assumption that you already own olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and butter (and if you don't, you should buy these things bc you're practically an ~adult~)

1. Canned Mediterranean Lentil Salad


What you need: 1 can cooked lentils ($1.00);0 1 can chickpeas ($1.00); 1 fresh tomato, chopped ($0.40); 1/3 container fat-free Feta cheese, crumbled ($1.50)

How to make it: combine all ingredients and dress with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper to taste

Total price for one serving: $3.90

2. Quinoa Burrito Bowl


What you need: 1/2 cup Trader Joe's organic white quinoa ($1.75); canned black beans ($1.00); 1 fresh tomato, diced ($0.40); 1 avocado, chopped ($1.20); 2 oz. shredded Kraft cheddar cheese ($0.90); 2 oz. Pace salsa ($0.40)

How to make it: Cook quinoa night before, assemble all ingredients in the morning for a quick lunch!

Total price for 1 serving: $5.65

3. Lemon Butter Tilapia with Steamed Veggies


What you need: 1 tilapia fillet ($2.50 - $6.99/lb at Trader Joe's, which is usually around 2 large fillets); 1 zucchini, chopped ($0.50); 2 oz sliced white mushrooms ($1.00); 1 red pepper, diced ($0.50), 1 lemon ($0.65)

How to make it: Preheat oven to 425. Season tilapia fillet with salt and pepper and juice of 1/2 lemon, then place in the center of a sheet of aluminum foil and cover with chopped vegetables. Sprinkle with more salt/pepper. Bring the ends of the foil together & fold to seal. Bake 15-20 minutes. Melt 1 tbsp. butter and mix with rest of lemon juice, pour over fish and veggies before serving.

Total price for 1 serving: $5.15

4. Eggplant Pizza


What you need: 1/2 large eggplant, sliced ($0.75); 8 oz. can tomato sauce ($0.50); 1 pack sliced provolone cheese ($3.00); 2 oz fresh cherry tomatoes or 1 large tomato ($0.60); 1/2 cup fresh spinach ($1.50)

How to make it: Preheat your oven to 425 F. Arrange eggplant slices on baking tray, season with salt/pepper, and bake for 15-20 minutes. Remove the baked eggplant from the oven and turn your broiler on. Spread 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce over each eggplant round followed by one slice of provolone. Arrange some fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes over the cheese and broil for 3-5 minutes.

Total price for 1 serving (approx. 6 pizzas): $6.35

5. Baked Avocado Egg with Goat Cheese and Whole Grain Toast


What you need: 1 large avocado ($1.30); 2 organic eggs ($0.67 - based on $4.00 for one dozen); 1 oz Trader Joe's crumbled goat cheese ($0.63); 2 slices whole grain toast ($0.25)

How to make it: Cut avocado in half, remove pit. If necessary scoop out some avocado to make room for egg. Crack eggs into a bowl. Place yolk and some egg white (with a spoon) into the avocado’s hole. Bake in oven on 425 for 13-15 minutes. Sprinkle with crumbled goat cheese and season with salt and pepper - enjoy with toast to sop up the egg!

Total price for one serving: $2.85

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