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How Well Do You Remember The Passover Episode Of "Rugrats"?

Let my babies go!

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  1. The Passover meal
    Eating Matzah
    Spending time with family
  2. Which wine glasses to use
    How many Matzoh Balls to put in the soup
    Who will run the Seder
    Who will do the dishes
  3. Angelica locked them in there
    They were never stuck
    They were too busy playing with toys
    Tommy forgot his screwdriver in his other diapers
  4. She wanted to set the babies free because Passover is all about freedom
    She wanted to take their toys away
    She wanted to bribe them later
    She promised them she was always going to be nice to them from that day forward
  5. He wanted to hide from Grandma Minka
    He decided to take a nap in the attic
    The door locked from the inside so he couldn't get out
    He wanted to watch TV
  6. Because they are babies, duh!
    The Pharaoh doesn't have time to play with the babies
    The Pharaoh is too old to play with the babies
    Because she simply does not want to
  7. Yup, he is friends with the Pharaoh. It's all good.
    Nope, he is in big trouble!
    Sure, why not
  8. Because terrible things are going to happen if she doesn't!
    Moses wants to play hide and seek with them
    They all want to take naps
    He wants to give them all Reptar toys
  9. Frogs
    Wild Beasts
    First born being taking away
  10. Because people "passover" the Matzoh around the table during Seder
    Babies who put a red mark on their doors were passed over
    It's just the way its named
    Nobody knows why
  11. They ate it all
    Lol babies don't eat bread
    Chuckie forgot to add the yeast
    The Pharaoh didn't let them take bread
  12. She started to miss them
    She wanted to leave with them
    She realized that all the babies doing the work were gone
    Someone forgot their Reptar toy and wanted to return it
  13. He looked off into the horizon and whispered "freedom"
    He split it in half
    He swam in it for a few hours
    He went fishing
  14. They were too lazy to go back downstairs
    To listen to Grandpa Boris tell another Passover story
    They decided to have the Seder in the attic instead
    They all fell asleep
  15. DOOR

How Well Do You Remember The Passover Episode Of "Rugrats"?

Not too well

Now you have an excuse to go an refresh your memory by watching the episode again.

Not too well
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Really well

Grandpa Boris would be so proud.

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