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27 Thoughts You Have During Exam Day

Whatever happens, just remember that C's get degrees.

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1. Morning of the exam, you try to stay as calm as possible.

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2. You get to school and all you can think about is if you'll ace this test.


3. You run through your notes to make sure you remember everything.

4. You try to coming up with hints to remember during the exam.


PEMDAS: Please Excuse My Dope ... Aunt? No no wait ... what was it again?

5. You look at the clock and realize it's almost exam time.

6. Panic Mode: On

7. It's time to take the exam and at this point breathing, thinking, or any other function needed to survive is not an option.

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8. You sit down by your desk and receive the paper.

9. You read the first question and have no idea how to answer it.

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10. "Let me skip this. I'll get back to it" you say.

11. You skip to another part and STILL don't know how to answer any of the questions.

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12. You do your best to remember as much information as you possibly can.

13. You can't remember anything because your brain has completely shut down.

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14. You start looking around and wondering if anyone else finds this test really hard.

15. Time passes and a few people have already finished.


HOW are you even done?

16. Time is running out and you still haven't done most of the questions.

17. Your brain magically decides to turn on and now remembers everything.

18. During the multiple choice questions, you just start guessing.

19. True and False?

20. "If false, explain why".

21. You come to those essays questions and just start writing as fast as you can.


"Furthermore, I believe that, in conclusion ...."

22. You are finally done and give in your exam.

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23. You look through your notes and realize, you put down all the right answers.

24. You are feeling confident until your classmates start talking about their answers and theirs don't match yours.

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25. Sometime later, you get your exam back and are completely shocked at your results.

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26. Whatever the result, it doesn't even matter because it's all over.

27. You know, until your next exam.

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