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16 Relatable AF Things Everyone Secretly Does In The Shower

Admit, you've peed once or twice (or every time).

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1. Standing outside the shower naked, waiting for the water to reach an acceptable temperature.

2. You make sure there are no monsters behind the shower curtain.


3. Have conversations or arguments with yourself, pretending you're talking to someone else.

Walt Disney / Via

4. Having your very own karaoke hour.

New Line Cinema / Via

5. Or having a rap battle. With yourself.

CMT / Via

6. Dancing like no one's watching — and slipping ever so slightly every damn time.


7. Acting as if you are in a sexy music video when the water hits your body.

Def Jam / Via

8. Rehearsing your acceptance speech just in case you ever win an award.


9. Pretending to be a guest on a late night talk show.

NBC / Via

10. Acting out the most dramatic movie scenes until they're near perfect. Again, all by yourself.

Avery Pix / New Line Cinema / Via

11. Admit it, you've peed in the shower.

Nickelodeon / Via

12. That moment when you magically develop superpowers.

Rage Comics

13. You sculpt your hair into different shapes.

Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

14. Having the most insanely weird shower thoughts.

15. Standing directly under the water and contemplating your life.

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16. And finally, sitting in a towel for a very long time because you are too lazy to get dressed.


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