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17 Things Only People With A Passion For Cooking Will Understand

"I should have my own show on the Food Network" - you, probably.

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1. You are a PRO when it comes to grocery shopping.

2. You like to keep your kitchen organized at all times.

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3. Even if you are running low on food supply, you always manage to create something delicious.

4. You always find yourself cooking at most get-togethers.

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5. Even if you don’t, you spend less time eating and more time wondering what the recipe is.

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6. You save a ton of recipes even though you are fully aware you cannot make them all.

7. You are not ashamed to admit the hours you've spent binge-watching shows on Food Network.

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8. You’ve definitely set something on fire before.

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9. But that hasn’t kept you out of the kitchen.

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10. Everyone knows and loves your signature dish.

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11. People always ask you what your secret ingredient is.

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12. But you’re smart enough to never spill the beans.


13. Even after a bad day, you find yourself making your favorite comfort food.

14. Admit it, you always pretend to have your own cooking show when you're making a dish.

15. Nothing annoys you more than hearing complaints about your food.

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16. You get so irritated when people tell you what to do in the kitchen.

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17. And finally, you enjoy cooking because of that special feeling you get when people are satisfied with your food.

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